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    Passion adorned with a sense of beauty and blended with the perfect moment is the recipe for creating beautiful pictures.

    My passion for photography was born way back when I first began to become interested in capturing impressive moments. And yet, it wasn’t just my desire to capture moments, but also a yearning to create perfect images; as if the people or objects had been waiting just for this shot. Besides photography, modelling became my second passion and career when international fashion labels in Germany starting booking me as a model in the early 90’s. 

    I’d like to explain why my career as a model has helped me with my photography, and why these two professions complement each other: Just the fact that I have experienced work in front of and behind the camera is a tremendous advantage. I know how models function, when they reach their limits, when and why their performance in front of the camera wanes and what can be done about it. I see when a smile starts to turn from natural to an artificial one, when a little motivation is called for, and when a posing change can have a miraculous effect.

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    Afsaneh Nagy

    Mobil: +49 (0) 151 41 40 19 46
    Mail: info@afsaneh-nagy.de